To be number one in Turkey as the first choice of the consumer with our service and product quality in the sector, to be able to put our name among the few companies serving worldwide. On top of all this, to ensure sustainability by remaining friends with the universe and friends in the world we live in.


As consumer-friendly with our innovative, smart, principled, scientific and responsible approach, we are there for you to experience the best with us in every field we specialize in.

We believe that accurate, reliable and sustainable service is everyone's right. As the DERLAS family, we work hard with our suppliers and business partners to do so.


The staff you will encounter when you enter our company will be friendly, caring and respectful to you, experienced, knowledgeable, solution oriented and our staff will listen to your needs and provide you with quality, reliable, cheap and fast service. If you return home with the comfort of having received peace and quality service within you after receiving the service, then you will have found the answer to the question 'Why Us'.

We're challenging the roads!

Roads are safer with DERLAS!