As DERLAS, we have witnessed cultural, economic, political and perhaps most important technological transformation with you. We continued all our work in line with our strategic roadmap, which we created with our long-term perspective. While every step we take grows exponentially, we have worked for many years to ensure that the service we provide to you can grow exponentially. We have strengthened our strength with successful partnerships and partnerships within our company. The 'tire and battery' sector was the main theme of our work, which we continued with an 'efficient and innovative' approach. We have become one of the most professional companies in Turkey in this regard. We make a difference with the products and services we provide and continue to seize new investment opportunities in the face of changing dynamics. Our strategy, which we manage with an approach to taking action by anticipating risks, contributes to maintaining our leadership in the sector. While we never compromise our principle of improving the quality of life in the projects we carry out, we see the safety and happiness of our employees above all else. Fully enforcing occupational health and safety rules has always been our pride. While managing our portfolio with a dynamic approach, we focus on areas with high growth potential in the business lines of the future, focusing on technology. We have taken it as our priority to transform our business according to technological developments and expectations of the future. Human beings are the focus of our success. We work with our team under the guidance of our ethical values with mutual trust and respect. We protect the rights and law of our employees, customers and suppliers. We believe in the environmental awareness generated by our contributions to our company and never stop doing our due diligence. Although we focus on the most forward with every step we take, we know the importance of sustainable growth and, accordingly, we come out of every step in the strongest way.

With our understanding of working in universal standards; In addition to financial success, sustainability and responsible use of resources will continue to be our priority in the coming periods. We have made this uninterrupted journey of success together with our valued and dedicated employees, our customers who set out with us and our business partners who trust us. We would like to thank everyone on behalf of DERLAS for their contribution to the successful results we have put forward together and with all our dedication. We will continue to offer innovative products and services, develop ideas and projects, and grow our investments with our strength that keeps us together, allows us to look in the same direction and distinguishes us from others. We are working to be your most trusted companion on all roads by continuing our steady growth in the future as we do today.

We will all move forward with greater successes and better days.

Best regards,