DERLAS started its activities in 2006 within Yigit Battery at OSTIM Industrial Site in Ankara, Turkey. In addition to selling wholesale and retail tires, DERLAS, which partners with leading tire companies worldwide, also sells the main dealership of Yigit Battery, which is the world leader.

With more than 90 personnel employed within its company, DERLAS continues to serve a wide audience perfectly with its reliable tire hotel while providing tire and battery service to all passenger vehicles, high-end vehicles, trucks, machinery and heavy vehicles with its growing staff, administrative and management staff, field workers, kitchen and floor services, retail and wholesale services, tire managers and battery specialists.

Today, DERLAS has become a leading company in its reliable and responsible sector that takes its existing power further every day, aims for sustainable growth by making successful business partnerships with the capacity it has reached, values its staff, maximizes the quality of service with its human-oriented work, and is aware of its responsibilities.

In 2014, Ankara took a step called spreading its existing power to large areas by operating with its new branch in Saray. With the opening of the branch, the Palace has signed great partnerships by expanding its product range.

In 2018, started to manufacture RUBBER in his factory in SARAY Region and took another step towards becoming a producing company with the technology and information investments company developed and developed a parallel business line. Thus, it increased employment, started production activities, continued to progress to reach its target point by growing with solid steps and rapid growth.

With its branch in Ankara Şaşmaz in 2018, it has once again proven its presence in the retail sector and worked to provide the best, most suitable and reliable service to its existing and newly acquired customers.

In 2019, it continued its activities with trucks, work machines and heavy vehicle tires at Ankara Ostim Industrial Site and added strength to its existing power. While it has a wide network with its locations, it has strengthened its stance and increased its impact on the market with new branches opened and new business partnerships acquired.

In 2019, Ankara Güvercinlik added its location to its wide dealer network, expanded the warehouse area and brought options to its products, increased the retail and wholesale speed, and strengthened its new warehouse, abundant product options and inexhaustible stocks.

In 2019, the DERLAS family, which has spread to large areas by opening its Scythians branch, continued to serve a wide audience with its branches and dealers located in different locations. The area is not limited, it aims to reach everyone who needs service with field personnel and large branches with the right service understanding in the right place.

In 2020, it opened its new branch in Ankara Şaşmaz and became one of the largest companies that the sector could touch. Although it serves as a retail area and showroom, its extensive office network, administrative and management staff have also worked very hard and succeeded in wholesale.

In 2021, its new branch, which will be launched with a wider service and storage area in Ankara, Şaşmaz Auto Industry Zone, has once again proven to its hardened staff, valued and continuous customers and business partners that its growth is sustainable and continuous. DERLAS is proud to have put his name at the top of the number of companies.

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