Our main policy with the participation of all DERLAS employees; to meet the expectations of our customers, employees and business partners at the highest level.

We aim to move forward with our ethical rules and dynamic working principle by taking future-oriented steps from the day we are established with the understanding of sustainable growth and based on human philosophy first.

We want to ensure full customer satisfaction by working efficiently to provide products and services that meet the demands of our customers with the most appropriate, accurate and economical solutions.

In our decision-making processes in all our fields of work, we are committed to creating a management approach that promotes participation and common sense, managing our current business perfectly and providing accurate and sustainable service by planning our future in a way that provides long-term advantages.

With our core values; to realize corporate governance with the awareness of humility, respect for people, proximity to the people, social responsibility. Integrity and honesty are our priority values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relations with employees and all our business partners. We take care to protect the privacy and private information of our customers, employees and other relevant persons and organizations we work with.

In addition to our legal responsibilities; We work hard to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, colleagues, suppliers and business partners, competitors, society, humanity, nature and world.

With our policy that supports business ethics rules, we try to create a family with the awareness that growth is teamwork, taking into account rights and law.

With our continuous education approach, we think that we will provide accessible and continuous gains to our team, suppliers and business partners, and add value to our values with cultural and social accumulation.

It is one of our top priorities to closely monitor information and developing technologies, to develop our own innovative technology and to strive for the highest level of our quality assurance system.

During our activities, we avoid all activities that will cause climate change, biodiversity and damage the ecosystem, and value the world we live in.

In fulfilling all this, we consider adding value to our employees, business partners, customers and all the people we can touch as the most important goal.

We'll cross all roads together!